Imagery & Ground Survey

Thermal Inpections

Inspection and Surveys

Using advanced photogrammetry technique acurate mapping surveys are conducted. From the survey 3D models can be created. These can be used in Virtual Reality and Virtual Tours. Also precise distances, surface areas and volumes can be calculated, this is a must for major infrastructure, civil engineering projects and surveying / mapping.

Elementary Remote can deploy our UAV's equiped with a gimbal mounted, stabilised  high resolution thermal camera. By utilising this with our clients Elementary Remote can produce high resolution radiometric thermal imagery and video. We can also construct 3D thermal models. This is a highly sort after service used for building energy efficency surveys, wind and solar farm inspections, electrical tansmission and switch gear inspections.

With use of the on board camera, (thermal, visula light or mapping) equipment to produce high resoltuion imagery to undertake inspections of indutrial plant and equpment at height. By taking advantage of this our clients can enhance their planned maintenance and repairs, since the quantification of resources and required material can be accurately assesed. This technique is cost effective by reducing the need of lant hire, such as scaffoliding etc, and reducaes the risk of men working at height for the puropses of inspection.

Agricultural Survey

 Virtual Tours

 Photography & Videography

By deploying the Elementary Remote UAv's equipped with our multi-spectral and near infra red cameras our client can, determine the health and condition of their crops, need for hydration and or land drainage, the level of distress, enable localised crop treatment where required and increasing crop yield. This would reduce cost and increasing land efficency. This can be enhaced by incorperating the mapping function for landscaping etc. 

With our top of the range 3D and Virtual Systems we can enhance your sales through virtual tours. This may be as simple as taking the tour to an exhibition, literally enabling you to take your venue with you, or allowing viewings of property without leaving the office. These tours also enable you to target the more National and International Clientele.

All of our Services come with the ability to live stream the video, thermal or visual light, to anywhere in the world. This will assist in decision making as well as increase potential customers for the client.